GMAT Quantitative private tutoring and Online Course

Hi, I'm Christian

For the last 6 years I have uncovered the most efficient formulas and properties that will allow you to get more questions right faster in the GMAT Quant section. Yes, there is hard work and long hours involved, but they will be spent doing the right work. I have seen many students who were previously practicing ineffective methods increase their scores really fast once they learned the right formulas and properties.

I live in Peru, and I've taught in a few academies that offer GMAT preparation when I was first starting out. Then I helped co-found a popular GMAT academy and taught there for 3 years.

But I noticed that in the market in general, most academies were focused on group classes (because it was better for their bottom line). The student was for the most part, just a name and a "wallet with legs" like one of my students told me she had felt.

There was not much innovation going on. I wanted to change all of that. So I left everything and started from scratch. I knew that if I wanted to serve my students better, I would have to leverage technologies.

So my plan was to have all of my material in digital format, be able to teach online to students anywhere in the world, and package all of my lessons into an online course. I'm proud to say I've achieved all those goals through hard work.

Today, our paths cross, and I'm sure it's for the better. So take a look around, you can read the blog posts, watch videos from my YouTube channel or connect with me on LinkedIn.