Learn to solve GMAT Quant with clarity and confidence and finally nail that target score!

Learn how to see GMAT quant questions in a new and simpler way, even if you feel stuck.

Discover how you can break through a "not good enough" score without studying for hundreds of hours!

Many students start their GMAT journey in a similar way...

They think: "it´s just math, I´ll brush up with some questions and I´ll be fine"

So they go on YouTube, they find study material online and start studying... This is the "trial and error" aproach. There are so many websites, hours of videos and thousands of posts with GMAT questions and answers. It feels like they are all set!

But then a  month goes by, then two months, and then they suddenly start to realize that the GMAT is not as easy as they though it would be. It takes way more time and eventually they have a notebook full of notes which they don´t know what to do with, and a study schedule that feels like a second full time job.

Other students take the group class approach, and many of them regret their decision later on. They find it hard to make questions without feeling like it's a silly question or that they are holding up the class. The agenda has to be met so there isn't enough time to cover everything in detail. And if their classmates don't do their homework ... suddenly it becomes easier for them to justify not doing their own homework.

But that doesn't change the reality of their results in the mock exams.

As time goes by, they feel the stress creep in, the overwhelm of having to perform at the exam and at work, maybe the confidence starts to slip ...

All those sucess stories online, the 750s in two weeks, they make it seem so easy. It makes them wonder ... "am I dumb?"

And as the months pass and the scores don´t increase, the plans start to change. First round to apply for B school goes by, so now the deadline is second round. But as that date comes closer and the scores aren´t good enough yet, some people consider quitting, or they research MBA programs that don´t require the GMAT.

There are many reasons why a lot of students are not successful and you never really hear about them.

The truth is ... the odds are against you unless you really get this

Many students want 650 or 700 or more, but from what you can see in the data from mba.com, only 30% of test takers get 650 or more, and only 13% of test takers get 700 or more. Which means that the vast majority get lower scores! And you have to realize something ... these test takers are not dumb people! They are mostly smart people, professionals who have successful careers, who were top of their class in college, and so on.

I know, because I get phone calls from them every week to talk about how I can help them save their situation.

While it's totally possible to get a high score learning from different courses and tutors, there's a lot of unlearning involved and wasted time. Math is just math right? Yes, but everybody learns and implements math differently.

You don't want to solve GMAT questions like you solved math in school, the GMAT style demands specialized ways of solving if you aim for a top score. It doesn't matter if you studied Administration, Economics, or Engineering.

That's why I've created a solution that brings together all the my world experience from 10+ years of teaching, finding out what works and what doesnt...

Introducing The Complete GMAT Quantitative Course

This online course has been designed to give you all the tools needed to master the Quant section. You will recognize the most common patterns and practice with easy, medium, and hard questions. Once you follow the method, you will see how simple most problems become and you will have more confidence to solve the questions you'll see on test day.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up

instant access to all modules

You can go at your own pace following the modules in the order that's presented, or you can start directly with your weak topics.

easy to follow explanations

I've incorporated all the questions that students usually have, so you'll learn what to do, what NOT to do, and how to not fall for the sneaky traps.

constant support

You have the ability to send in your questions via email, WhatsApp, or through a form inside the platform. All you need to do is just ask!

About your instructor

Hi! my name is Christian Pacheco. For over 10 years, I've helped hundreds of aspiring MBA applicants surpass their GMAT goals. I´ve personally a perfect score of 51 in Quant (it´s the picture at the beginning of this page). I want you to learn everything that helped me get that score without taking you years.

What students are saying about the course

Pedro Bardales

Kellogg School of Management

Christian's online platform is an extremely powerful tool

When I began this journey I felt very unsure of myself. I had never been good at math, I hadn't done any complex math in over 7 years, and my first GMAT simulation had resulted in a crushing Quant score of 32...

However, Christian knew exactly what to do. He layed out a rigorous -but reasonable- plan of attack, and in only 2 months I was scoring 46's and 47's in my simulations.

His online platform is an extremely powerful tool, with brilliant tutorials that allow you to study -and learn- on your own time; his deep knowledge of the theory and all the little tricks make math easier and even enjoyable!

But, more importantly, Christian is someone who truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed. He motivated me and believed in me, even when I felt like giving up.

When I began this journey I thought I was hiring a tutor. Instead, I ended up finding a mentor and a friend. Thank you Christian!!

Elias Castro

Tuck School of Business

Using Christian's platform and having classes with him is the perfect formula to get your desire score

At the beginning, I had my doubts about taking recorded online lessons, but my experience with Christian's platform totally changed my mind. The platform is great, Christian has the ability to impart knowledge and the famous tricks to others through recorded lessons. Also, you can go at your own pace and when you need to delve into a topic, taking classes with him take your knowledge to another level.

I found in Christian not only the best math teacher for the gmat, but also someone who helped me and gave me guidance in this whole process and a friend.

If you are reading this, do not hesitate and reach him.

Alfredo Moreno

Kellogg School of Management

Christian's methods and strategies are not the typical ones taught in books

Christian helped me raise my quant score to be able to obtain a 700 in just one month. The online platform truly helped to internalize his way of solving problems fast and accurately. While taking the mock tests, I always asked myself: "what would Christian do?"

I know that if I had met Christian before I would have obtained 700 in one third the time, at least. His methods and strategies are not the typical ones taught in books, as the classes are truly personalized, which guarantees fast improvement. Totally recommended!

Course Lessons overview


Introduction to the GMAT


Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving strategies

3 - 20

18 Main content lessons


GMAT Simulation Strategy

Course Bonuses

Complete properties and formulas summary

This 15 page PDF companion summary can be printed and used throughout the course to help you keep the formulas handy.

Pro GMAT Math Shortcuts ebook

This ebook contains most of the shortcuts that you will see applied during the course. It includes patterns and simplification rules to help you write less.

See a sample video below

Normally it would cost more than $2,400 to learn what you are about to learn in this course.

Before I created this course, I only taught this methodology to students who paid for private tutoring. At the rate of $80 per hour and at least 30 hours of classes in total, you'd be looking at at least $2,400 if you wanted me to personally teach you. But I´ve decided to reveal all my secrets and teach you the best tips in this course for a more affordable price.


Billed automatically every month

$ 149 /mo


One time payment

$ 499

8 month access

One time payment

$ 599


money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have questions, just send us a message to get your questions answered and your doubts cleared.

Here's what people are saying about working with me

Fiorella Juscamaita

Haas School of Business

Christian helped me combine my effort with the right tactics to achieve the last points I needed

When I started working with Christian I was already doing well in mocks, but it wasn't reflecting on my official tests. With the classes I quickly realized that there were things that I didn't know I was missing in my preparation. I put in the hard work, but this time it was the RIGHT hard work.

I used the online platform to binge learn most of the tricks and new strategies in a couple of weeks while balancing one on one classes and a demanding job schedule.

Finally in just one month I was able to land a solid 49 in quant, and I truly believe that Christian's help and expertise was an important factor in achieving this result. I highly recommend him!

Gonzalo de Cárdenas

Christian gives you valuable strategic recommendations

Christian gives you valuable strategic recommendations

Christian was incredibly helpful in strengthening my quant skills for the GMAT. Not only is he a brilliant teacher that works restlessly to break down concepts making them easily digestible for his students, he also gives valuable strategic recommendations that allow you to better approach the overall test. I highly recommend MBA Prep Tutoring to anyone interested in applying to a top 10 MBA program.

Salvador Carrillo

Columbia Business School

Christian has the necessary tools to help you get the desired score

Working with Christian was a real pleasure. Since day 1 it was easy to tell he had all the knowledge and necessary tools to help you get the desired score. He had a thoughful approach for the whole proces and offered guidance in many aspects along the way (besides just math). 100% recommended!

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How long does the course take to complete?

Each lesson takes about 3 hours to complete (the main video and practice exercises). If you dedicate around 10 hours per week you should be finishing the course in 2 months. Other students have taken less time when they had more time available and a close deadline. Many students keep using the course for longer too, since the amount of material requieres constant review.

Will this course help me if i've taken another course before?

Normally when students have a score of about 46 or less, I recommend that they take this course because they will find many new tips and ways to solve questions that is not possible to teach in just a few hours of classes. This course has been designed with intermediate students and also those with more experience in mind. You won't find videos taking 15 minutes to explain an easy exercise.

what if i'm not very good at math?

If your math level is really low, this course might not be for you. If you've always had trouble with quant in school and you haven't done math in a long time, consider other courses. You can watch the sample video on this page, and if you can follow the explanations, you will do well with the course.

does the course include classes?

Classes are not included in the course, but you have the option to send all your questions via email, WhatsApp, or through a form inside the course. Usually students find that the material is presented in an easy to understand way. You can purchases tutoring hours separately.

can I upgrade to a 6 or 8 month plan if I start with the monthly plan?

Yes, during the first 30 days. You can send me a message and you just pay the difference. If more months have passed and you want to "complete" a 6 month plan, it's not possible.

will I get a score of 51 in two months with this course?

This course represents the best material I have available for you, with all the tools needed to get a great score and no tricks or secrets have been kept to force you to purchase classes. Having said that, and even though the material is the same for everybody, the results wil vary depending on what you do with the course. There is always a chance that you won't achieve a high score.

what about verbal?

This course is all about Quant, so you won´t find Verbal material. There are many great courses online that teach verbal. If you want recommendations for private tutors that specialize in Verbal, you can also send me a message at christian@mbapreptutoring.com.