Private Tutoring - MBA Prep Tutoring

Private Tutoring

The format:

Classes can be face to face (if you live in Lima, Peru), or online via Zoom or Skype. This works well with international students as well as peruvian students who prefer the flexibility of online classes. During the online class, I share my screen and all annotations are digital and sent via email at the end of the class.

For beginners:

I would recommend starting out with the online course for most people, but if you feel you need more guidance then we can cover the theory and practice with private classes. It will take at least 36 hours to cover so that's the package I recommend in this case.

For students with previous experience:

If you've taken the GMAT before or you have previous preparation (private classes, online course, group course, etc.), then first you need to take a test. With this test and your detailed solutions I can have a better idea about how you think and solve most questions. Contact me in order to send me all the details about your situation and then I can send you the test.

The cost:

Classes (in any format) have a fee of US$50 per hour and they can be paid per class or through packages. Classes usually last 1.5 to 2 hours. For the package that you choose, we can find a fixed schedule or a flexible schedule, in which you use your available hours on demand. For amounts other than those in the list below, a payment link will be sent. All payments are through credit card.

12 Hour package

Great for reviewing specific concepts, getting feedback on Question packs and mock exams.

Recommended if you are scoring 45 or more.




24 Hour package

Great for more extensive reviews of concepts, formulas and exercises. Recommended if you are scoring between 38 and 45.