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Private Tutoring

Are you ready to increase your Quant score to the next level?

The best way to learn is to get fast and accurate feedback on the way you reason and approach problems. You'll be able to leverage my 6+ years of ecperience in every hour we schedule. Either if you want to fill in specific gaps or you want a more in depth preparation, there are different packages that will fit your need.

How does it work?

We schedule classes according to the number of hours in the package, Sessions can be 1.5 to 2 hours long, and they are carried out once or twice a week. We connect via skype or Zoom and use the screen sharing feature. At the end of the class I will send you the digital notes that were taken and also the assignment for next session.

How do I buy?

You can use your credit card to purchase any of the following packages, after which you will recieve a confirmation email (check your spam folder if you don't recieve it). Reply to that email with the information requested to set up a plan and schedule your classes.

Choose one option and click on Pay. After entering your information, a check ✔️ will appear if the payment was successful, otherwise a cross ❌ will appear (check with your bank to allow online payments or try another card). If you have trouble send me an email at

2 Hour Package
Perfect for you if you have a set of about 20 to 30 burning questions that you want to review or if you want quick, actionable strategies about specific topics.

6 Hour Package
With this package we have enough time to review an extensive set of questions and review many topics. Includes my full GMAT Shortcuts ebook and also question packs for all topics.

30 Hour Package

This is the most complete package, perfect if we are going to cover all the topics from zero and you have about 2 to 3 months of available time for preparation. Includes my Complete GMAT Quantitative Course ($300 value) as part of the package, as well as question packs for all topics and my full GMAT Shortcuts ebook.