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I'm very grateful for my students, because they are all top professionals that work really hard to achieve their goals. I'm happy that I get to be a part of their journey.

Christian's online platform is an extremely powerful tool

When I began this journey I felt very unsure of myself. I had never been good at math, I hadn't done any complex math in over 7 years, and my first GMAT simulation had resulted in a crushing Quant score of 32...

However, Christian knew exactly what to do. He layed out a rigorous -but reasonable- plan of attack, and in only 2 months I was scoring 46's and 47's in my simulations.

His online platform is an extremely powerful tool, with brilliant tutorials that allow you to study -and learn- on your own time; his deep knowledge of the theory and all the little tricks make math easier and even enjoyable!

But, more importantly, Christian is someone who truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed. He motivated me and believed in me, even when I felt like giving up.
When I began this journey I thought I was hiring a tutor. Instead, I ended up finding a mentor and a friend. Thank you Christian!!

PEDRO BARDALES  //  Jr. Associate at GRIO

Christian's methods and strategies are not the typical ones taught in books

Christian helped me raise my quant score to be able to obtain a 700 in just one month. The online platform truly helped to internalize his way of solving problems fast and accurately. While taking the mock tests, I always asked myself: "what would Christian do?"

I know that if I had met Christian before I would have obtained 700 in one third the time, at least. His methods and strategies are not the typical ones taught in books, as the classes are truly personalized, which guarantees fast improvement. Totally recommended!

ALFREDO MORENO //  Real Estate Financial Analyst at Odonnell

Christian helped me combine my effort with the right tactics to achieve the last points I needed

When I started working with Christian I was already doing well in mocks, but it wasn't reflecting on my official tests. With the classes I quickly realized that there were things that I didn't know I was missing in my preparation. I put in the hard work, but this time it was the RIGHT hard work.

I used the online platform to binge learn most of the tricks and new strategies in a couple of weeks while balancing one on one classes and a demanding job schedule.

Finally in just one month I was able to land a solid 49 in quant, and I truly believe that Christian's help and expertise was an important factor in achieving this result. I highly recommend him!

FIORELLA JUSCAMAITA  //  Premium brand development

He makes complex topics very easy to understand

Christian really helped me improve my quant score, his videos make complex topics very easy to understand and one to one classes with him were great!

CAMILA HARO  //  Senior Investment Analyst

I went from 30 to 49 in two months

Taking intensive classes with Christian, I was able to increase my quant score from 30 to 49 in two months! His methods and strategies really worked and helped me to master complicated subjects fast. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to score very high on GMAT quant.

GABRIEL CHIRINOS  //  Economic Advisor

He's a math expert and a great teacher

Like for many people, the GMAT was a real challenge for me. In order to succeed in quant you don't only need to be dedicated and hard working, but you also need to dominate the techniques, tricks, and strategies to tackle every topic in the exam. All of that is taught by Christian in a very easy, simple, and efficient way. I recommend him 100%, he's a math expert and great teacher.

JOSE PARDO  //  Commercial Structuring Executive

Christian uses a simple-to-understand method

The classes with Christian have been very helpful to understand all the topics and increase my level in math. Christian is an expert in math and he can even explain the hardest topics with a method that is simple to understand.

FLAVIA BUENO  //  BABSON Graduate School MBA candidate

Christian was very understanding and supportive

Christian really helped me understand Probabilities and Ratios, my two weakest topics in math. He gave me good tricks to tackle these problems and lose the fear. Plus, he was very understanding during the whole Gmat experience and always supported me with additional material to study and helped me when I had any particular doubts with math problems.

STEPHANIE CANNOCK  //  Harvard Business School MBA candidate

Christian gives you valuable strategic recommendations

Christian was incredibly helpful in strengthening my quant skills for the GMAT. Not only is he a brilliant teacher that works restlessly to break down concepts making them easily digestible for his students, he also gives valuable strategic recommendations that allow you to better approach the overall test. I highly recommend MBA Prep Tutoring to anyone interested in applying to a top 10 MBA program.

GONZALO DE CÁRDENAS  //  KELLOGG School of Management MBA candidate

Christian has the necessary tools to help you get the desired score

Working with Christian was a real pleasure. Since day 1 it was easy to tell he had all the knowledge and necessary tools to help you get the desired score. He had a thoughful approach for the whole proces and offered guidance in many aspects along the way (besides just math). 100% recommended!

SALVADOR CARRILLO  //  Jr. Associate at GRIO

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